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Who We Are

At Gomez Edwards Law Group, we understand and embrace you and your unique circumstances and needs. We strive to approach each case by looking at the full picture while treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve. Our emphasis, in serving you, is to support you and help you accomplish your legal and personal goals.

What Drives Us

Our driving philosophy is based on creating a team that includes you as a member. You may even consider yourself as part of the Gomez Edwards “family.” This team mentality helps guide our representation of your case and how we interact with you throughout the process and beyond. Beginning with the consultation, we will immediately start building our team relationship and strategy to ensure that you feel confident and supported. To do this, we concentrate on the following areas:

We believe in partnership and collaboration.

Each member of your legal team knows and understands your case and your unique situation. By involving each person in every case, we are able to ensure that there is always someone able and capable of answering questions and supporting your needs immediately and effectively at any time.

From the beginning, we engage you in a collaborative process. This brings creative problem solving and strategizing to the forefront, allowing us to delve into meaningful conversations and strategy meetings more quickly. Regardless of the size of your case, we meet each new task with the same passion for problem solving and analysis.

We’re goal oriented.

From the beginning of our relationship, we want to clearly identify and clarify your personal and case-related goals. This provides us with the opportunity to craft a legal strategy tailored to you that is designed to meet these goals. We truly believe that an alignment of personal and legal objectives is critical to creating the right case and creating the most beneficial, lasting outcome.

We work and bill transparently.

It’s important that you feel included and that you trust us, specifically when it comes to billing. Regardless of whether you’re represented in court by one or multiple attorneys, you pay the price of one. This underscores our team approach and our emphasis on providing you with the right support and right counsel based on your unique needs.

We know your time is important and value efficiency.

We know that time is precious. That’s why we focus on effectively and efficiently managing your case – with an emphasis on value-added conversations and contact points. We do this through our unique legal team approach to your case. Our multi-member team helps ensure that work is accomplished quickly without sacrificing quality.

How we can help:

The five driving principles above truly govern how we built our relationships and how we work for you in both a personal and legal capacity. We know that the attorney-client relationship is personal and very important, and we know how critical it is for you to know that your team hears your concerns and goals.

If you are facing a legal concern and are seeking a legal consultation, we encourage you to give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to hear about what you are facing and discuss how Gomez Edwards Law Group, your legal team, can best serve you.

Our  Philosophy

We built our law firm on these ideal pillars of strength: Loyalty, Integrity, Hard work, and Advocacy.

We approach each case determined to clarify all issues for the client, formulate a strategy and execute a plan of action.

We pride ourselves on our diligent communication with our clients throughout the duration of the case.

We understand that legal proceedings can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining process, but we are here to listen to you and take that stress off of your shoulders.

We are grateful for the opportunity to become a member of your team through this difficult time and to guide you to a successful resolution of your case.


Testimonial for Gomez Edwards Law Group

I’d like to sincerely be thankful for discovering Gomez Edwards Law Group! I had tried to speak with a few lawyers prior to both Lauren and Natalie. And when I met Lauren I couldn’t have felt anymore comfortable as well as with Natalie. Their approach of working together truly shows that they love their job.”
—Bianca I

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