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What Is Incapacity Planning?

And why is it so important? Introduction “Incapacity planning” is the process of planning how you want to have your affairs handled if you lose the ability to care for yourself. “Incapacity” is actually a legal term that is more nuanced than is relevant for our...

Family Law Glossary and Legal Proceedings

One of the most common questions we get from people recently beginning a family law case is “what can I expect from this process?” Frankly, there is no “one-size fits all” answer. The facts and circumstances of your family, your relationship, your assets and debts,...

Estate Planning in California: An Introduction

Note: When you google “what is estate planning” the top results you will see will be ads from major financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo. You’ll find that their answers typically focus on the transactional and functional aspects of estate...

So, You’re Co-Parenting and Want to Move Away

What happens when one parent wants to move away with the child? Public policy in California recognizes the importance of preserving the parent-child relationship, and promotes the protection of relationships between separated parents and their children. For this...

Why You Want to Avoid Probate in California

A guide to help you understand the pitfalls of probate. Preface: If you’ve lived in California for any length of time, and if you’ve lost a loved one, friend or family member living in California, you’ve probably heard the word “probate” thrown around. There’s also a...


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